Welcome Book "Las Estatuas del Pueblo Escultor" Statues in Berlín
Welcome to the world of the little-known ancient stone statues of the Pueblo Escultor, created in a series of different sites in the mountains of what is today southern Colombia, many centuries before the european invasion of America, by now-unknown sculptors from whom we take the name: ‘Pueblo Escultor,’ spanish for ‘the sculpting people,’ or simply ‘the sculptors.’
Just published, and now for sale: The Statues of the Pueblo Escultor: San Agustín and the Macizo Colombiano, a book of 357 pages, written in english by Davíd Dellenback and co-translated into spanish with his wife Martha Gil, including versions of the text in both languages along with more than 100 of the author’s illustrations of the ancient sculptures. This is the first bilingual book on the subject of the archaeology of the Macizo Colombiano.
In December of 1913 the german ethnologist Konrad Preuss, founder and at that time director of the Ethnological Museum of Berlin, came to San Agustín for the purpose of studying the archaeology of the area. When he left, in April 1914, he took with him, unduly and very probably illegally, 35 stone statues from the Macizo Colombiano, as well as a good quantity of additional archaeological material, all of which he installed in his mueum in Berlin.
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